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Essential Levitation

Essential Levitation

Release Date: 24th Februrary 2012
Company: Whirlpool Records
Distributor: Intergroove Media GmbH

CD 1:

01 Overture
02 Trip A Spin
03 More Than Ever People
04 Out Of Time
05 Dabe Dabe
06 351 Seconds
07 Tears In Rain (Levitation Edit)
08 Distant Meories
09 Appreciation (Original Radio Mix)
10 Atlantic Tales

CD 3:

Continuous DJ Mix by DJ Sweep / Levitation

CD 2:

01 How Wonderful
02 More Than Ever Poepl (Reggae Mix)
03 These Thoughts
04 Circle Of Life
05 Unlike Me
06 Wide Open
07 Driving In Your Car (Levitation Remix)
08 Sensual Summer
09 Out Of Time (Jelly & Fish Remix)
10 More Than Ever People (Ibiza Mix)


Album Info

The share of love for music lasts longer than many marriages. 20 years is the period of Chris Gilcher, Ingmar Hänsch and Marcell Meyer unified as a team called Levitation. Affected by a distinctive style, they’ve been shaping a sound that has inspired a whole generation. Chillout is the musical genre, they had a big impact on – most of all with their contributions for the ground-breaking compilation-series Café Del Mar, above all „More Than Ever People“ feat. Cathy Battistessa.

For one part,„Essential Levitation“ is a collection of 20 tracks on 2 CDs, which presents the best achievements of the team in 20 years. For the other part, it is new material which Levitation has produced for this release over the past three years. To escape the stereotype of lounge music as just another muzak, Levitation has always strived for high standards in songwriting and composition. The songs will certainly stand the test of time, featuring first-class vocalists such as Mocci Ryen (who worked with Patti Labelle among others). She gives a stunning performance on the advance single „How Wonderful“ and the trippy „Circle Of Life“ by adding a lascivious air to the tunes. Another prime example of setting completative lyrics in a romantic context is Caro Barth’s vocal input. In combination with a spanish guitar, her crystal-clear timbre is melting the ice on „These Thoughts“. By adding various singers to the tracks, Levitation accentuate the different colours of a warm prevailing mood. The music is characterised by an analogue sound which leaves the sterile productions of comparable approaches to the genre miles behind. The soundtrack is generally downtempo. In order to a create a pleasant atmosphere, solid grooves lay the fundament for airy keyboardlayers, jazzy Rhodes-chords, or a guitar-picking. An exclusion to the norm is the instrumental „Dabe Dabe“, an uptempo instrumental with four-to-the-floor rhythm that points in the direction of Underworld. This variation of style fits perfectly to the chilled vibes of the album.

As a surprise, the collection comprises also different unreleased mixes of classic material, such as „More Than Ever People“. The third CD is a bonus that features a mix of DJ Sweep, who is spinning the single tracks to become a liquid flow. „Essential Levitation – 20 Years Of Ibiza Chillout“ is a sample of the past and at the same time a look to the future. It certainly sets sails for a project that has been pausing for some years and is now taking off to new shores ahead.